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My Mission

June 27, 2012



While waiting in one of my many waiting rooms, a voice said “welcome to the sisterhood” as if this was some honored sorority.  As I turned to see who the voice belonged to, I looked into a  smiling face, as the lips continued to move and referred to me as a survivor “pause” I didn’t choose to respond, out of fear of disturbing their comfort zone and I had to stay in mine because I didn’t want to sink into their madness.  Reality is perception for all of us and it is my mission to find and touch the many breast cancer souls across all ethnicities who have felt that they were alone.  ~ You Are Not Alone ~

What have you experienced during your journey of chemo, steroids, surgery, radiation, pills for five years and maybe psychotherapy? Did I mention breast reconstruction? As a minority, your voice and mine have been a squick in the night, but I have to believe that I am not alone and together we can share, inspire, educate, inform and most of all be heard. ~ You Are Not Alone ~

Because I guess perception is everything.  I am 30 seconds at any given moment from just collapsing. I never knew anyone with cancer.  It’s always been other people talking about who had cancer. I see commercials on TV and Ads in magazines, but it was never anything I had an interest in.  Now I stop what I am doing to hear the latest thing they’re doing in breast cancer research.  As I was being pushed into the procedure room, I wanted my mother, I thought about the Six million dollar man and the Bourne experience and all the movies I had ever seen where men were implanted with some device, weather it was for good or evil.  Which one is mine?

Is anybody out there?  Talk to me…       Renee 1

Hosted by: Renée 1

  1. Renee, You are not alone, my sister. Coming to terms with our diagnosis is unique. And our profound ability to turn a horrific challenge into a quest for personal transformation until we feel the most palpable celebration of life again during your journey. By sharing your message you have become in short order a empower voice for yourself and others. Welcome aboard….

    • For one year, I searched the internet looking for someone who could understand and relate ~`

      Thank you so much….

  2. PS. Love your profile pictures.

  3. I had a free tram flap. It basically is a transplant of body fat from my stomach to my chest. I feared implants, so I elected to try the organic avenue. How about you, which way are you leaning towards.

  4. I am having another consultation in NY next month and there are only two options open to me because of the radiation ` I understand that the operation is about 10 and a half hours long. allowing at least six months to elapse from radiation, I think it would be sometime after October. Of course I am scared to death (but what else is new) Please give me your detail

  5. I think this is a big dicussion, as they all are, my time will come. which way di you decide to go?

  6. Which treatment have you decide on? It is either an implant, DIEP/Tram flap, or chose to do nothing.

    • Renee Bennett permalink

      I have to see plastics first ~ I said I had to go to NYC first ~

    • Renee Bennett permalink

      I have already commented on that

    • Hello there,

      How are you doing. I can”t believe it is 1 year , since you blogged. Hope you are doing fine and had your reconstruction done already. Please let me know if you are, ok…


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