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Giving Up Control

June 29, 2012



Moving to the mountains was supposed to increase the quality of my life.  I should have known something was up when I saw so many people had tubes stuck up there noises and they were pulling a tank behind them.  I had never seen anything like that before and it was a long time before I found out what those tanks were for.  Oxygen? Did you say oxygen! Then why are they smoking cigarettes?

I was the girl from the big city who had to have well water, because the more you control your environment, the better your changes are against the terrorists. Put your back against the wall, so that you can see everything that is coming…Well surprise, surprise, this was one front I didn’t prepare for and the train came through like a bat out of hell.  I don’t know when it hit me, why it hit me; I didn’t even see it coming.  I woke up and a voice said “don’t you know, you were run over by the train, you think you are dead, but you are not.

This puts me in the mind of a wonderful soul who passed through my life and definitely left her footprint in my life.  We’ll call her K ~ a pistol packing, bible preaching, if it’s impossible, just give me a little time to get it done individual.  K stood 5ft.2in. Weighed 100lbs spoke impeccable English and had traveled the world, well versed on most subjects ~ she owned a 60 acre farmhouse in upstate NY and never locked her house doors, because the doors were answered by the Doberman pinchers. K owned an arsenal of weapons (legal) and called for me one day to say she had a buyer for her UZI and would I accompany her.  She became a very dear friend to me and educated me on many things.  One day as I stood on my driveway, K drove up and stepped out of her big truck wearing her black leather pants and tasseled vest, did I bother to mention that K was 75 years old and was living life to the fullest ~ she walked around the land and stated ‘what a beautiful vantage point I had, you can see everything that’s coming at you, when the battle comes and you know that it is coming.  Don’t ever sell this place she said, now if you are not busy, let’s target practice…

K and I were on the same page ~ an amen corner if you will, controlling our environments and as much of our lives as possible.  We were not brave woman, but I like to think strong woman.

Giving up control of my body to total strangers has been very hard for me to wrap my head around. I have always felt that there are some things in life that are worst then death……

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