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I Didn’t Know I Was Sick Until You Told Me !!

August 17, 2012



I have just enough knowledge to believe in the conspiracy.  Conspiracy you say?  Don’t be fooled by everything you read, God help me, it maybe too late for me but the enemy does come in like a flood, like death, it just happens and you beg for mercy. Did you ever think that people with a lot of alphabets behind their names and machines you never heard of, now talking about the state of your body? Are we someone’s experiment? Is this all by design to eliminate a certain portion of the human race for the benefit of a mighty few. Do you want me to believe that you really don’t have the cure for cancer? I am not that gullible! All the millions and millions of dollars that have gone into cancer research for the number of years that people have been afflicted with this dreadful disease has not bought forth fruit? The majority of people being lead to the slaughter, including me, because of an agency called the FDA. Personally I think it’s all collateral damage for a greater cause. That of which you and I will never know. “Pause” Can you just imagine if someone came up today with the cure for whatever the cancer might be? What would that mean to the people, facilities, organizations and everyone employed for the cure for cancer? Do you think that unemployment is at an all time high now? You aint seen nothing yet and by the way, I hate the color pink ~ I have been reading and looking over the writings of Dr. Otto Warberg and FYI did you know that Cancer Cells Love Sugar. My oncologist knows this and yet when I was unable to swallow food, the liquid supplement Ensure was recommended. Did she take a course in nutrition or did I assume that? I am putting in a link to Dr. Otto Warberg I hope this information serves you well. I believe that this is a profit business and it is too much money on the table for them to care about you and me. I may not believe in the color pink, but I do believe in the men in black and they can make things go away, as if they never existed. That means you andme. Being told that I had breast cancer in and of itself was a body blow, but then I was told that she didn’t believe it was the primary; here came the body blow flowered by the tusume. What the hell is the primary? Oh, you mean it manifested someplace else first. My whole world cashed in front of me. I think I know now how superman felt when he touched keptonite. Added to that, I was told that it is normally someplace else, other than the breast. I believe that I was mentally transported into a space and time that would allow my brain to slowly digest what was said to me without having a nervous breakdown. Losing touch with reality can be a good thing, because when you alter space and time it allows your psyche to recover. Whatever it takes to get though the night. We are a fragile creation, resilient, but quite complicated. It was the first time in my life that I can remember not being able to handle the truth and there was no plan “B”. As Always Thank You For Your Time and Your Visit Talk To Me Renée 1 .

  1. hello my friend, i finally found your blog. reading what you have been through, and the fact that you are sharing ALL of your experiences and feelings for everyone to read, you give not only hope but a feeling of support for other women who are going through their own battle with cancer. you are one of the strongest women i know. i am proud to know you. continued good health to you and keep up the good fight xoxo jz

  2. hello Renee – nice to meet you and glad to be connected here. I send you healing light and love and am glad my pendulum videos are of use to you. Many blessings, Amy

  3. stephanie permalink

    You are the truth! Remember that you told me…people could not handle your truth. We can now!

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